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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wait - Who?

Day 199

“With your book or your business, you absolutely must know who you're selling to, or else you won't get anywhere.”
~ Kristen Eckstein

Knowing who you are trying to sell your book to is a marketing must – but your audience isn't always the same as your customers. If you write children’s books, chances are that your target audience can’t buy books themselves, so your target customer would be parents, grandparents, or other adults who love kids – so your marketing should reflect that.

That’s the most obvious time when your buyers and readers aren't always the same (although, the moms and dads will probably read the book to their child) but there are other times as well. I write devotionals for teens, and more often than not it’s youth leaders or parents who purchase our books as gifts for their teens. I buy books for my husband more often than he buys them for himself. 

Just something to think about…

Marketing prompt:

Consider if anyone would buy your book that isn't defined in your target reader profile. If so, create some marketing just for them.

Days to go: 166

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