Sunday, July 21, 2013

Marketing = Relationships

Day 200

“Marketing = Relationships”

~ Shelley Hitz

You can't really market your book without relationships – it’s called networking. Whether you are getting to know a colleague to plan something together, or if you are building a rapport with your readers, relationships really are what make books sell.

Think about it for a minute… Everything we do affects our relationships – we just don't always think about it that way. Did you oversleep? That affects your relationship with your boss. Did you go out to eat for lunch? You developed some sort of a relationship with the workers at the restaurant. Don't believe me? Go to the same restaurant every day for a week. By the end of the week, I bet you'll be on first name basis with some of them.

Marketing is the same way. We want to be on a first name basis with our readers. In order to get there, we have to build a relationship through marketing. So ask yourself, what kind of relationships are you building?

Marketing prompt:

Pick a relationship to strengthen today. It could be being more social in a forum, or contacting someone in your niche to propose a way to work together – remember to put your best foot forward.

Days to go: 165

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