Friday, June 14, 2013

Computer Problems

I didn't post a blog yesterday - sorry about that. One thing I've learned about marketing your book (or blogging) daily is to always have a back up plan.

You see, my computer crashed at the end of last month and my entire routine was thrown off. First, I was terrified that I didn't have my files backed up - Part 2 of this book? Yeah, I really thought I lost it.

After a week of sweating it out, I did learn that my hard drive was intact, and was able to transfer it all over to my netbook. Sadly my netbook is crazy slow so even though I have everything that I need, it takes me 1000 times longer to complete any one task. Blogging is taking almost an hour where as it use to take just a few minutes (as all of my posts are pre-written).

Needless to say, it's been rough.

So that's my sob story.

Your take away?

Back up your files and always have a back up plan.

Day 165

I’m not proposing that you let the crowd dictate, or that you work hard to fit in. Far from it. I’m proposing that you know the impact your choices are having and act accordingly.
~ Seth Godin

A while back I read a blog post that talked about the importance of not becoming lost in your own marketing. I can’t remember the author, or even the location of the post (although it might have been from Heather Lloyd–Martin who I quoted a few days ago), but the point was that it’s all too easy to get so wrapped up in keywords and catch phrases that all of your original voice is gone. You’re no longer writing from your heart, your writing for Google Analytics. And readers don’t prefer the latter.

Marketing prompt:

It’s time to hop on over to Authors Den – Authors Den claims to be the “world's most vibrant online literary community!” They provide a place for authors to can reach readers, share their bio, books, blogs, events, links to other websites, etc.  If you’re not there yet, go set up a profile.

Days to go: 200

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