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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Day 108

To generate sales, try following the AIDA principle. Get your customers: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action
~ Heather Hart

AIDA is an old marketing acronym describing the process that the customers go through before making a purchase. To be good at marketing, we have to know how to virtually walk the customers through that process – to take them from just window shopping, to spending the cash. That’s why I wanted to take a minute to walk through that process with you. So here it goes:

AIDA: Attention>Interest>Desire>Action

Attention: Before a customer can even think about buying something, they have to have their attention drawn to it. In the online world this starts out as a post, link, e-mail, or mention. We have to draw our readers in, by simply getting their attention.

Interest: After you have your potential reader’s attention, you need to get them interested - you have to keep them interested. You want them to be interested in the book you are promoting through whatever means you are promoting it through. Did you write a blog post? It has to hold their attention. Did you write a tweet? It has to be interesting enough to steal their attention from the hundreds of other tweets filtering through their feeds.

Desire: The next step in the process is desire. You have to make them want it. After reading your e-mail, blog post, press release, or whatever it is, you have to make them desire to read your book. If you have their attention and interest, but can’t get them to desire the book, then the process comes to a screeching halt as they close the window and continue surfing the net. You have to make them want to learn more, and desire to gain what you have to offer.

Action: This is the final goal. The other three steps are merely the path to get to here. You want them to take action, to click through and actually spend their money to purchase your book. This is how we get paid! Unless we can get the readers to take action, everything else is just a hobby.

 Marketing prompt:

Follow the ADIA principle through some of your current marketing. Does it look like it would work? If not, do some adjusting to see if you can increase your desired results.

Days to go: 257

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