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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Overcome the Lies

Day 73

“It’s not so much what people don’t know that hurts them; It’s what they do know that ain’t so.”
~ Mark Twain

So much that we learned in high school has either changed or was just the opinion of our teachers. Case in point – I always wanted to be a writer, but was told that real people don’t become authors (or actors, or musicians), those aren't real dreams. They’re fantasies. Well, excuse me Mr. Guidance Counselor, I am an author (and a real person to boot). The world around us tries to teach us things that just aren't so. It imposes beliefs on us of things that we can and cannot do. You can write a blog post, but you can’t publish a book. You can publish your own book, but you can’t get anyone important to read it.

I don’t know what lies you've been believing, but I encourage you to re-evaluate the truth.

Marketing prompt:

Design and order bookmarks (and/or business cards) to help promote your book.

Days to go: 292

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