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Friday, March 15, 2013

Get Proactive (not the face stuff)

Day 74

“To reach more readers and take your sales to the next level, you must proactively market your book.”
~ Mark Coker

I never really thought about marketing my book “proactively” until I read this book by Mark Coker, and honestly, it makes a difference. Proactively marketing your book is putting out a press release before it launches (not the day it launches). Proactive marketing is scheduling tweets about important things before they happen (not trying to do a million things in one day). Proactive marketing is being prepared, planning ahead, and doing your best (not fighting to keep up).

Marketing prompt:

Find another in author in your niche and ask them if they’d be willing to do a blog swap. You’ll write a post for their blog, if they’ll write one for yours. Pick a topic and a date for the sway.

Days to go: 291

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