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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Real Networking

Day 33

“My #1 piece of marketing advice?  Network.  And, by network, I don’t mean friend 10,000 people on Facebook and spend all day on Twitter and LinkedIn, but really work hard to get to know people in a real way.”
~ Erin MacPherson

Having 10.5 thousand twitter followers is something worth boasting about – but it’s not networking. Networking is about building relationships. Have you been working on building relationships with your following? Is there something more you can do to engage them?

Instead of constantly plugging your book online, have you asked your following questions, or engaged them in any other way? Letting your following see that you’re a real person that actually cares about them as an individual is probably the most powerful marketing tool there is. You obviously can’t send an e-mail to everyone who ever reads your book, but acknowledging reviews, or tagging them in a thank you tweet, is an easy way to show them you know they are there.

Marketing prompt:

Make a connection with someone new that you have already been following or that is following you on Facebook or Twitter. Begin building a relationship with them.

Days to go: 332

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