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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attitude is Everything

Day 32

“Sometimes we are limited more by attitude than by opportunities.”

I have to tell you a story about me and book marketing. I originally saw all marketing as evil. I had some bad experiences with door-to-door marketing when I was fresh out of school that left a bitter taste in my mouth. I saw marketing as trying to sell something to someone that they didn’t really need, and were spending too much money on – but that’s not what book marketing should be.

My attitude about marketing prevented me from doing ANY book marketing for the first year and a half that my book was published. Sure, I had opportunities, but I would recoil at them. Someone would directly ask me about my book, and I would tell them it was just something I did – no big deal – and refused to talk about it... As you can see, I’ve grown since then. Don’t let your attitude about marketing, or even an aspect of marketing, limit your book marketing ability.

Marketing prompt:

Are there areas of book marketing that you have a bad attitude towards? If you need an attitude adjustment, research that area of marketing. Knowledge is power and can help you overcome any misgivings you might have.

Days to go: 333

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