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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Day 35

“Money follows passion – not the other way around.”
~ David Siteman Garland

Are you passionate about your book? If not – perhaps you shouldn’t have published it, but no matter. When you’re passionate about something, it’s easier to promote it. Think of all the professional sports gear that is sold every year. People don’t think twice about spending their hard earned money to promote their favorite team – because they are passionate about them.

If you’re passionate about your book, marketing it and even spending money to market or better it won’t be as hard as if it’s just something that you did to make money. You have to have a passion for it first.

Another take is to look at things you are passionate about. What’s your favorite thing to do? Now, can you incorporate book marketing into it? Can you do what you love and market at the same time? Absolutely! I once saw a tent shaped as the authors book (front and back cover printed on the outside, with the ends looking like pages). I saw a booth where an author had became a food vendor to market his book about adding flavor to life. Why can’t we do the same thing for our books? Can we be genuine in our marketing efforts? Can they simply become an extension of who we are? Of course – and it will actually be easier than trying to do something we don’t like for marketing.

Marketing prompt:

Make a list of your hobbies and brainstorm ideas for incorporating book marketing into them.

Days to go: 330

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