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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Give a Little Book Love

“Do what is right, and the reward will be immediate and multitudinous. Think what is right, and your authority will grow.”
~ John Kremer

Often times as authors, we have the opportunity to reach other people. Whether it’s through our books themselves, or some other way, we can change lives. But the choice is always ours. We can choose to give a reader who can’t afford our book a free copy. We can help another author who is just learning their way. Or, we can choose to help ourselves. Doing the right thing is always rewarded. Anyone who knows my writing background knows that Shelley Hitz published my first book, and has been sort of my writing and marketing mentor ever since. I promote her every chance I get, but she never had to help me. Another author sent me a free copy of their book, and I’ve since bought every single other book that they have published. Sometimes a little kind-hearted act can produce multitudes of results.

Marketing prompt:

Give someone a free copy of your book. You could do it through a giveaway, or just to someone you know has been wanting to read it - or it could just be a valentines day present ;)

Days to go: 320

Just to show my appreciation for my readers, I wanted to give you a little book love. For today only, you can download my book, "A Year of Book Marketing - Part 1" 100% free from when you use the coupon code: QK22K - coupon expires tomorrow, so don't delay!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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