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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 57

Day 57

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Energy isn't something that I come by naturally. I’m the mother of 4 small children who seem to have it in spades and mine is generally spent trying to keep up with them. So when it comes to book marketing, it tends to get whatever is left over. I don’t have the energy to host a webinar or speak at a conference – in fact, the last conference I went to it was a chore just to stay awake through. But I've found that if I’m persistent, things still get done.

On rare occasions I’ll get a burst of energy and accomplish a ton of marketing at one time – those are awesome moments. The more energy you have for marketing, the more you will accomplish. But even if you don’t have energy, persistence is required.

Marketing prompt:

How much energy do you have when it comes to book marketing? Would there be a better time of day for you to schedule your marketing efforts so you could get more done? Evaluate your schedule today to make sure you have the energy to finish all of your projects.

Days to go: 308

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