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Monday, February 25, 2013

How Do You Feel About That?

Day 56

“You are the sum total of what people do and feel when interacting with your stuff.”
~ Andy Sernovitz

People are emotional, and they spend their money on things that they feel they need or want. As a book marketer, it’s important to know how both your book, and your marketing makes people feel. This will help you know how to improve your marketing to gain more readers. Do you make people feel happy? Stupid? Confident? What are people thinking while they are reading your book? Is it, “I can do this”? Are they so wrapped up in your story-line that they start believing it’s real, or are they emotionless and wondering what’s for supper?

Marketing prompt:

Create a poll or surveys for your readers. Ask them how your book makes them feel, or for their reaction to some of your marketing statements.

Days to go: 309

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