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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Power of Free

“Be knowledgeable in your niche, provide some information free of charge, and share other trustworthy peoples free resources whenever possible as well.”
~Heather Hart

Never underestimate the power of free. Giving people valuable samples of your work for free is a great way to get readers. It’s kind of like including the first chapter of your next book in the back of your first one – that’s hooked me a few times. But it doesn’t just have to be fiction books or first chapters. Giveaway a short story or novella for free. Write a short report on your niche topic to give away for free. These can help you build (and keep) your e-mail list subscribers. You can also give them away on Smashwords and hook people you have no regular relationship. Enroll them in KDP Select on Amazon and give them away for free for 5 days every 3 months and use them to boost your income at 99 cents a pop the rest of the time.
The key is to make sure that you are giving away something valuable. Just as easy as using free material to attract new readers, you can also lose readers if your material isn’t worth the time.

Marketing prompt:

Brainstorm an idea for a free report or short story. If you can, go ahead and start writing it, but make sure that you put in the effort to write it well and complete the editing process before distribution.

Days to go: 335

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