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Friday, January 11, 2013

January Bookly

Featured Book:

Starting Off On The Right Foot by CJ Hitz

A Beginner's Guide to Running Well

No matter the sport, everyone has to start somewhere. The simple sport of running is no different. Running came natural to us as kids but for various reasons, many of us gave it up at some point.

In Starting Off on the Right Foot, best-selling author CJ Hitz (Smoothies For Runners) shares some of the valuable information he's learned along the way since picking up running again in 2008. After running in the 1989 State Cross Country meet in Eugene, Oregon as a high school sophomore, CJ gave up running for nearly 20 years before being drawn back into the sport.

In this book geared toward those new to running and those coming back after years away, readers will learn about...
·         Why nutrition is important
·         Pre-run nutrition tips
·         Post-run nutrition tips
·         Running to lose weight
·         The importance of fruit & veggies
·         The importance of the long run
·         Incorporating hills and speed into training
·         Dehydration
·         Running shoes and racing flats
·         Valuable things learned by several elite runners
·         Some of CJ's lessons learned (the hard way)
·         And more
As you begin this adventure of running, this little book will serve as a guide to help you enjoy this wonderful sport for years to come.

Let's start things off on the right foot!

Paperback Price: $9.95

Kindle eBook Price: $0.99

New Releases:

A Year of Book Marketing by Heather Hart
Book Marketing

Released December 31st, 2012

Do you dream of selling books, but don't know how to reach that goal?

Perhaps you've heard someone say that you should do something every day to market your books if you really want to be successful. For a new author (and even some experienced ones), that can be a bit frightening - we don't believe it's possible or that we have the time. But that simply isn't true!

Instead of telling you to market your book daily, author Heather Hart offers to come alongside authors to HELP them market their books daily.

The goal presented in "A Year of Book Marketing - Part 1" is to master marketing through persistence. It includes some basic book marketing material, but also includes book marketing quotes, tidbits encouragement or useful information, and marketing prompts for 180 days to get you started.

Kindle eBook
Normal Price: $2.99
Book Launch Price: $0.99 for the entire month of January

You can also enter to win one of 8 marketing books during the launch party going on now:

Mind of Her Own by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

Released December 12th, 2012

Who knew making dinner could change your life? Louisa Copeland certainly didn’t. But when the George Foreman grill fell out of the pantry onto her head, resulting in a bump and a mighty case of amnesia, Louisa’s life takes a turn for the unexpected. Who was this Collin fellow, claiming she was his wife? And whose kids are those? Her name couldn’t be Louisa. Why, she was the renowned romance writer Jazz Sweet, not a Midwestern mom of three. Struggling to put the pieces together of the life she’s told she had, Louisa/Jazz may realize that some memories are better left alone.

Kindle eBook
Normal Book Price: $7.99
Book Launch Price: $6.39 for the entire month of January

The Book of Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told by Heather Rae Hutzel
Christian Fiction

Released December 12th, 2012

The Book of Life: The Greatest Story Ever Told is a fiction novel based on the words of the Bible. It is the story of God’s immeasurable love and unrelenting pursuit of His created beings. It is told through the unique perspective of the Archangel Michael as he recounts the battles, losses, and victories he has witnessed while serving his King from the beginning of time through the ages. Michael reveals the great mystery of God’s love as he breathes life into the tale that can only be described as, truly, “the greatest story ever told.

Paperback Price: $17.99

Kindle eBook Price: $9.99

Free  eBooks:

Why Bullies Bully and What Can Be Done About It by Jennifer Hancock
Nonfiction » Children's Books » Social Issues / Bullying

This book is provided free as a way to educate people on why bullies bully and what can be done about bullying to get it to stop. Offered by the author of The Bully Vaccine

PDF eBook: Always FREE

Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed Edited by Dena Clayton
Family Memoir

Parent-Child Memories: Love Revealed is the 2nd anthology in the Love Revealed series. Readers are welcomed by ten spirited authors who dare to ignite memories of their parents and children that are reflective, transformative, raw, or funny. New lights shine brilliantly on topics that include compassion, child and parent losses, hope, breastfeeding, eating disorders, forgiveness, and reunion. These true stories hold potential to heal the heart.

Kindle edition normally $2.99
FREE on January 12th
On sale for 99 cents for January 7-15th

Unclaimed Legacy by Deborah Heal
YA Fantasy

"I call it time-surfing," Abby said. "It's like being there, except no one can see or hear us."

"Whatever you call it," John said, "that was crazy--what we just did. Beyond realistic. I mean, I was in that guy's head and knew everything he was thinking."

Abby's weird computer program is working again. And it comes in handy when they agree to help the Old Dears next door with their family tree. Except Abby and John learn more about one of the ladies' ancestors than they ever wanted to know. Convicted in 1871 of murder and arson, Reuben Buchanan is a blight on the family's reputation. But was he really guilty? Abby and John get inside the mind of a murderer to find out. But while they're rummaging around in the Old Dears' family history, they discover the truth of God's promise to bless a thousand generations...

...and a legacy waiting to be reclaimed.

Kindle edition normally $2.99
FREE January 12th-15th

Discounted Books:

Fayette – A Time to Love by Donna Winters
Christian Historical Romance

The new iron smelting town of Fayette, Michigan held no promise for sixteen-year-old Lavinia McAdams. The moment she arrived, she took an instant disliking to its muddy streets, acrid smoke, and dirty furnace men. The sooner she could return to her hometown in Canada, the better. Then Huck Harrigan came along to challenge her thinking and soften her iron will. Could she really find happiness in this raw, new town with a "pig iron" Irishman from across the bay?

Kindle edition normally $2.99
On sale for $0.99 for the entire month of January

Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed Edited by Dena Clayton
Family Memoir

Mother-Daughter Memories: Love Revealed is an anthology of compelling true stories written by nine women. The verbal snapshots unveiled in this collection run the gamut from raw to sweet, surprising to tender, blissful to terrifying, and back again. These recollections are written with exquisite honesty and integrity, and sometimes humor. Readers recognize issues and themes from their own lives, and find messages of love, hope, and courage that will sustain them on their journeys through their own mother-daughter relationships.

Kindle edition normally $2.99
FREE on January 12th
On sale for 99 cents for January 7-15th

A Passing Storm by Phyllis J. Burton

Jennifer Redmond, a disillusioned housewife, runs away to Scotland, where she meets gentle stranger, Angus Cameron. Whilst walking in the Highlands on her own, she falls during a severe mountain storm and is seriously injured. Her ambitious insincere, womanizing husband, Peter, persuades her to return home with him...

Will she stay with him in a loveless marriage, or will she return to Scotland and find true love with Angus? This is an eternal triangle with many twists and turns. does a thin and straggly dingo dog in the outback of Australia influence what eventually happens...?

Clever dog...!

Paperback edition normally £7.99
On sale for £7.19

Karis by RM Strong
YA Superhero (Christian)

Tamara finally got what she'd always wanted, all it took was the complete disintegration of her life. Putting her life back together would take her places she never thought possible.

Kindle edition normally $2.99
On sale for $0.99 for the entire month of January

Divine Diva by Catherine MacDonald
Visionary Fiction

Diva power is a woman's own personal path--a spiritual transition that occurs at mid-life when a womana gives birth to her own wisdom and creativity and reinvents her life. It is the time when a woman honors her inner desires and sets out to find her true calling. By the time most women celebrate their fiftieth birthday, they have paid their dues to society, raised children, taken  care of husbands and aging parents, and put their time on the corporate treadmill. At fifty, it is time for a woman to uncover her authentic self. She is in her prime.

Travel along this magical journey with Sophia who finds no value, or satisfaction in her life as she meets those who have already uncovered the true meaning of life and guide her to retrieve the lost pieces of her soul, rekindle her creative fire, and recreate a new life.

Kindle edition normally $1.99
On sale for $0.99 for the entire month of January

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  1. Hello Heather! What a nice books to pick for this week. I am interested on the first book, "Starting Off On The Right Foot" by CJ Hitz and I think I would grab a copy of this one. :) It's not about just running that I am interested about, but the story behind the book. The story of Cj and the love of the sport, the one thing you can't just live without. Thank you for sharing this Heather :)

    1. Thanks, Jeff! I had the honor of helping CJ format his book and it really is quite the book.


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