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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day #12

“My theory is that every little bit has the potential to help. We just have to learn where to focus our limited time and energy, because we obviously can't do it all.”
~Jody Hedlund

Building relationships, telling people about our books, tweeting, blogging, the list goes on and on. We could spend 24-7 marketing our book and still never be finished. It’s important to remember that we can’t do it all – and if we try to do too much, we’ll end up doing nothing well, and a whole lot poorly, getting less results than we hope for. Remember that every little bit helps, and sometimes doing a little is better than doing a lot.

Marketing prompt:

Look over the list of things you are doing to market your book. Do you have time to add more, or do you need to cut back to make sure you are doing them all well? Instead of trying to do everything on your list, pick one thing to work at today.

Days to go: 353

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