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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19

…the work of promoting the book requires just as much work as writing the book, if not more so.”
~ Adam S. McHugh

I have to admit that once my mind shifted from writing to marketing, writing got increasingly more difficult for me. As I was writing, I started marking quotes that would be great for advertising the book, or come up with ideas that would help me market the book. I knew that marketing took a lot of work, and I wanted to be prepared. Instead of scrambling around once the book was published, I wanted to have a head start. Did that make the writing process take longer? You bet. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Marketing takes a lot of work. Writing the book is obviously the most important marketing activity you will ever perform – without the book, you have nothing to market. But it’s also a just a step in your book marketing journey. You may have spent years writing your book, but you will spend the rest of your life marketing it – well, as long as you want it to continue selling that is.

Marketing prompt:

Have you started writing a new book? As you are writing it, work on brainstorming marketing activities. Sometimes writing an additional book is the best marketing tool you have for marketing your first book. Whether it’s a series or something totally different, you can include information about the first book in the second and vice versa.

And don't forget to keep marketing your old books. I just finished a promotion for my first marketing book, "Book Marketing 101" that landed it #1 in all three of its categories on and boosted my author ranking to the top 50 in the Business & Investing niche.
Days to go: 346

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