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Friday, June 22, 2012

Children's Audio Books

We've been listening to a lot of children's audio books lately. Not for any research that I had planned, but just because my four year old twins love them. They are totally into books (which I think is awesome) and I simply cannot sit and read to them all day long everyday, no matter how much I want to. So the best alternative is audio books. They have a copy of the actual book, and a CD that reads it to them. It originally started with the Toy Story 2 Read-Along set that we were given, but now we go to the library and pick up the sets that they have to offer. It's perfect.

However, not all audio books are perfect. For instance, the one that they are listening to right now, doesn't have the chime to tell them when to turn the page. I'm sure there are several different reasons as to why the author chose to leave it out. It wasn't a CD that came with the book, but rather one that you had to buy separately, so the author probably thought that the children would listen to it without the book, but regardless, it's much harder for children who can't read to follow along when there is no chime.

Another thing that I have noticed, is that some children's audio books have background music or sound effects to accompany the story while others don't. I don't mind the ones that don't at all, however, it makes it much more fun for the girls when they are included. I'm still trying to figure out how, as a self published author, I can include something like that in my book, or even if it will work with my story...

Do you have any certain things that you like or don't like about children's audio books? I'd love some feedback.

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