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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Short Note on Reading and Writing

I've been noticing a lot lately about the differences between fiction and non-fiction. We all know that fiction is is made up, while non-fiction is fact. However, even the styles are completely different, yet when you have a fiction author, their non-fiction writing often reflects fiction. This isn't a bad thing, I'm simply intrigued by it.

It's the difference between captivating the readers attention with a story and keeping their interest with facts. Non-fiction readers want to learn, and without the facts, they simply move on. Fiction readers on the other hand, they want the back story - they want to be entertained and intertwined.

So when I was reading through different blogs on a blog hop earlier this week, the different styles of blogs usually fell into either storytelling, or fact informing. While both were non-fiction, they read like fiction and non-fiction.

Obviously I'm a non-fiction kind of girl. What about you?

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