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Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a Writer's Life for Me

Jeff Goins once said, "It's easier to find a way to write while you live than to find a life while you write." 

How true is that?! As writer's we sometimes get so wrapped up in our little world of writing, that life passes us by. An example of this is found in a story that a friend of mine shared with me. You see, this friend wrote a book, but looking back, even though it was a great feeling of accomplishment when she finished it, she wished she hadn't. Why? While it might sound crazy at first, she said that she realized that the months she put pouring into putting her notes together and cranking out the pages, her children were left without their mother. Sure, she took care of their physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual needs were neglected. She had neglected her life. That has served as a warning to me not to get too caught up in my work. That doesn't mean that I never do, but when I start to realize that I am, I remember her words, "You can never get that time back." 

On the flip side, finding a way to write while you live is so much easier! You would be amazed at what you can get accomplished when you write around your life. Look at J.K. Rowling's if you don't believe me. She wrote the world famous "Harry Potter" series while working full time and raising her children. To be exact, she came up with the idea on a train, and wrote the book in a cafe. I'm pretty sure that the cafe didn't let her live there until it was finished... 

So what about you? What kind of a writer's life do you lead? Are you going to be someone who looks at their book and realizes what it costs them, or someone who looks back with no regrets, because you didn't let life pass you by? 

Just something to think about...

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