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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Busy Week

I cannot believe that it is Friday. This week has just blown by so quickly, it seems like I haven't even had a chance to breath. Part of being a freelancer, is knowing that some weeks there will be TONS of work, so much so, that there is just no possible way to get it all done. And yet there will be other weeks, when you have practically nothing to do. Top that off with working from home, where some weeks you have tons of undisturbed time to work in your office and others it seems like if you do make it to your desk, someone pops in every 3 seconds to talk to you, and you can imagine that life has a wide productivity range when it comes to actually producing work.

Last week was one of those weeks where I had practically nothing to do... and that was good, because I came down with a nasty cold that made thinking almost impossible, and it was hard to type when I was reaching for a Kleenex every 30 seconds... Yet, I still managed to fall behind. So this week, when I was actually swamped with work, so much so that I doubt that I could have realistically gotten it all done if I had been able to work 8 hours each day. However, I wasn't able to work that much, I couldn't really explain why. It was just one of those weeks. It seems like we have had to run a lot more errands then normal, my husband's work schedule was different then normal, parent teacher conferences, phone calls, and just tons of things have all come up. And then of course the fact that I am just now recovering from that nasty head cold that I mentioned earlier.

What do you do when you have extra busy weeks? Obviously I will be working through the weekend, but what do you to so that you don't get overwhelmed by it all?

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