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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Choose

Day 155

Your external brand is how you project yourself to the world.
~ Steve Pavlina

How are you projecting yourself to the world? The rest of Steve Pavlovian quote from above says:
“There is an element of choice here. You can decide what to say or write in order to convey a certain image. Your projected image will influence what others think of you and how they might choose to interact with you. You may stumble upon this image accidentally, or you can deliberately target a specific type of image.”
You get to choose your brand. You get to choose how other people see you. You have the power to make yourself what you want readers to believe that you are – but the best person you can let your readers see, is you – the real you.

Readers aren't dense, I mean they read, there’s a level of sophistication there. They can tell when something’s not right. Don’t try to make them believe something that isn't true. Control your brand, but do so honestly.

Marketing prompt:

Update the “About me” section of your website. Make sure that it’s up to date, and represents you honestly the way you want to be seen.

Days to go: 210

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