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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Are You Planting?

“Writers are like farmers: The harvest comes, but only after you toil for a few seasons.”
~ Cheryl Strayed

You may or may not be happy with your book sales at this point in time, but the year isn't even half over. Cheryl Strayed's quote reminds me that effort isn't always instantly rewarded. Hard work pays off, just not usually right away. Keep working, and it will be worth it when the time comes.

Marketing prompt:

Sign up for Book Daily and upload a sample chapter from your book, post a photo and bio, add links to your website and more. They also have a marketing eBook that they giveaway as a sign up bonus that you can download for free:

Days to go: 196


  1. Hi Heather, this is actually a quote from an interview I did with Author Cheryl Strayed. So the attribution should be to her via my piece in WD. Thanks for letting me clarify! :)

    1. Thanks for clearing that up, Christina - that's exactly where this quote came from. I'm updating it now.

  2. But if you check out The Writer's Workout, you'll find lots of advice just like this quote. :)


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