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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Art Of Marketing

Day 178

“Book marketing should be a planned process, an art if you will.”
~Heather Hart

We've talked about it before, but we can't talk about it enough – planning out your book marketing will help you to be the most successful. Having a plan will help you to stay on track and get things done. It’s very similar to writing a book actually. If you don't know what you are sitting down to write about, you could end up anywhere, and never know if you reached your destination. While book marketing is never finished, individual marketing campaigns will come and go. Make sure that you are constantly planning and working on marketing campaigns or strategies. You don't have to write a blog a day, but doing one marketing activity each day will keep you moving in the right direction – even if it’s just reading a book about marketing or tweeting about a new review on Twitter.

Marketing prompt:

If you're planning your marketing out in advance, you might not even need the marketing prompts in this book on the days that they are listed, but you can still use them for brainstorming future marketing options.

Days to go: 187

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