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Friday, June 7, 2013

Help Them SEE It

Day 158

“Video is just one part of a marketing plan. It fits certain messages and people better than others.”
~ Steve Garfield

We live in a visual world. It’s true. This generation would rather veg. out in front of the T.V. than read a book. They want to be entertained without working at it. What better way to draw them in, than using video? It’s also important to remember that videos go viral a lot more often the blog posts. They’re generally easy to watch and share. Creating a video is easy. The first video’s I made were with the free software that came on my computer, but you can also use a webcam (or digital camera) to record a video of yourself to upload as well.

Marketing prompt:

Create a YouTube video about your book or you as an author. This can be something simple like a vlog, or something more techy like a full blown book trailer.

Days to go: 207

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