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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make it Rank

“If you optimize it and it’s relevant for the keyword, it’s probably going to rank.”
~ Liana Evans, KeyRelevance

I attended a writing conference in 2012 where I attended a workshop by author Megan Breedlove. Megan’s website has held the number 1 ranking spot for multiple keywords on Google for several years, so I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She said that getting a higher up Google ranking isn't about just one thing, but several things working together. 

Here’s a list she gave us of contributing factors:
* Whether or not you are meeting the needs of your websites visitors
* Whether or not you continue to meet their needs
* Keywords
* How often your homepage is updated - keep it fresh changing links, content, etc. monthly
* How often your website content is updated - updating content weekly gives you a boost
* Linkbacks - having other people link to your site is the #1 way to raise your Google ranking
* Website contents - be sure to include contact info and an about you section
* Google SEO and XML site map

Marketing prompt:

Spend some time on optimizing your website or blog. If you need some help on this, we're actually covering this topic in more detail this month in the membership community that I lead. You can get more information on that at:

Days to go: 231

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