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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Time Is Right

Day 120

“This is the most incredible time in history to be an author. Power, freedom and, yes, money, are there for the taking…if you get what’s really happening and are willing to act on it.”
~ Jonathan Fields

It really is an incredible time to be an author. The days of submitting work to big publishing houses and waiting months for a reply are over. We no longer need permission to get our books into the hands of readers. We have the power to make our dreams come true.

But having the power and using it are two totally different things. Just knowing that it’s possible to be a successful author in today’s world, won’t make it happen, we have to know HOW to use today’s world to get us to where we want to be. We have to know how to market our books, and then actually do it. You’re off to a great start with this challenge. Just keep up the good work!

Marketing prompt:

Contact some other authors in your niche and see if they would be willing to co-author a book or series with you. Then you can all work together to promote the book and reap the rewards.

Days to go: 245

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