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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Promote Your Work

Day 51

“The future of branding is marketing with people, not at them”
~ John Morgan

I love group promotions. Letting others be involved in our marketing is by far the best way to succeed. This can be by doing a group promotion with other authors – several of you getting together and having a book sale, or just by inviting your readers to help you promote your book and offering a reward (like an entry to win a free copy of your book). Let people know that you’re out to help them, not that you just want to take their money and run – but also that you need their help. People really do like to help when it comes right down to it.

Speaking of helping, don't forget that you can win some great prizes by sharing about the book launch for "Indie Author Book Marketing Success"! Which reminds me of another way you can market with other people. This book is an anthology with 14 different authors. Each author got to include their bio in this book and gets free exposure both within the book, and through all of the marketing. I've contributed to several books like this and it also helps boost my author rank on Amazon. It's certainly something worth thinking about!

I do want to let you know that all of this comes with a caution. While book marketing, networking and working with others is a good thing, it can go south really quickly if you take on too much. Living your dream can turn into living in a nightmare. On that note, you might notice some changes in the pages of my blog. I am no longer offering services to other authors. I will continue helping those I am currently working with, but that's it. It's time to refocus on doing what I love - writing! (and of course marketing my own work.)

Marketing prompt:

Start planning some sort of promotion with other people. Whether it’s a giveaway that people have to share to enter, or a book sale that you do with other authors, pick something that can’t succeed without the help of others.

Days to go: 314

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