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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Guess what? It's my birthday!!! In honor of my birthday, I wanted to give one of you a present. So besides the book launch giveaway that's still going on (you can find that here), I'm hosting a separate giveaway today :) In order to enter, all you have to do is comment on this post with a marketing tip or prompt - who knows, you might even be quoted in part 2 of "A Year of Book Marketing"... Speaking of which here's today's entry:

Don’t be an expert, be a filter.
~ Penny Sansevieri

Being an expert in your niche will help you sell books. But one thing that is needed more than another expert, is someone to filter all of the experts that are already out there. Most authors don’t realize it, but promoting other authors in their niche, is a great marketing tactic. Do you write fiction novels? Write what you like about another author’s book(s). Do you write non-fiction? Let your readers know what you’re reading, or what books you would recommend.

Besides providing your readers a filter, promoting other authors in your niche is also a great networking opportunity. Let them know that you've reviewed their book, or that you’re promoting it and ask if they have anything they would like you to include – they might just decide to return the favor.

Marketing prompt:

Write a book review of a book similar to yours for your blog – remember the golden rule. If you don’t want that author to turn around and say the same thing about you, don’t say it about them.

Days to go: 342 

And of course, here's the free stuff I mentioned:

I don't know what genre you write in, but I'm currently looking for people to review my book. If you already have a copy of my book, I'd love it if you could take a moment to review it in one or more of the following places:

If you don't have a copy, but would like to review it for me please send me an e-mail at: and I'll get a review copy to you. Note: to get a free review copy, you must agree to post a review on both your blog and one or more of the above places within 1 month.

My Birthday Giveaway:

Comment below with a book marketing tip or prompt to be entered to win a FREE book marketing plan package. Here's what's included:
  • Building a Book Marketing Plan Report
  • Book Marketing Profile Template
  • Book Marketing Tracking Sheet
  • Marketing Checklist
  • And a Mini Book Launch Report
Entry requirements:

You must first comment with a book marketing tip or prompt in the comments section of this blog - this is a required entry to win. By commenting you grant me the right to use your comment in the second half of my book if I choose to do so.

For additional entries:
  • Share about this giveaway on Facebook
  • Share about this giveaway on Twitter
  • Write a blog post about this giveaway 
  • Write a blog post about "A Year of Book Marketing - Part 1" and link back to the launch page.
All entries must be left in separate comments with the links to the posts to be counted, and the will only count if you have submitted the required entry of a marketing tip or prompt. Giveaway open until 1/29/13.

*Make sure to leave an e-mail address or check back next Wednesday to see if you've won.


  1. Happy Birthday Heather! I have the book and love it. So much good information.

  2. Happy BD. I've just read a few pages of the book and its very interesting. I've enjoyed your daily emails - just a bite sized word to remind me to keep moving forward.


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