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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blogging Tips

I attended a webinar last week about blogging. To be specific it talked about how to grow your blog audience - and you would be surprised by what I learned. I wouldn't recommend sitting in on a 2.5 hour webinar to learn it, but it's still valuable enough information to share. Are you ready?

Stop blogging.

Okay, not completely, but in order to grow a blog, you need to have enough time to market it - which means blogging (on your own blog) less. The speaker recommended only blogging on your own website/blog 2-4 times a month. That gives you the time to spend writing guest posts for other blogs as well as marketing your efforts. His main point was that if you are putting all of your effort into creating content for your own blog, it will be harder to drive traffic to that content. However, by cutting back on the content you post on your own site, you can put more time and effort into guest blogging and with each guest post, provide a link back to your own website/blog. 

What the speaker didn't mention... 

...was that this also makes each of your posts more valuable to your followers. I don't know about you, but I have a few blogs that I absolutely love. And I can tell you that I look forward to each and every post they write. Oddly enough, each of them don't post regularly or frequently, but when they show up in my news feed I get excited! Is that the secret? Is it because they aren't there every day or every week? I'm not sure. I have a few other blogs that I know post regularly and I enjoy reading their posts too. I think each of them post once or twice a week. So I don't think sporadicness is the key, but the less frequent postings might be. 

Anyway, I'm contemplating how I do things here. Cutting back to once a week would save me a ton of time... 

But what about you? 

How often do you blog (on your own blog)?

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