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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Failed

I failed last week.

It all started when I got the go ahead on a book project and I diligently started working away on it. At the same time, roughly 5 different online connections of mine posted opportunities for me to share something with their enormous followings - so I said yes to every single one of them. However, as I diligently worked on my new book, preformed all of my other normal weekly tasks, and lived life as a mother and a wife, I didn't have time to follow through on a single one of those promises. The huge opportunity to spread my presence was marred by the feeling of failure. One of the opportunities was simply sending them a link to something I had previously written, however somewhere in the mass number of e-mails that I processed during week, that is the only one that I couldn't find. The others all required a significant amount of time and effort on my part, and it was simply time and effort that I didn't have to give.

For someone who is constantly preaching that we should evaluate our priorities before getting in over our heads, I completely failed. I didn't pray about a single opportunity, I just saw it as gold and plunged ahead. Obviously, those weren't the things that God wanted for me - but the things that He wanted me to be a part of, He made happen. He provided the means for me to go to the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference this week, as well as the ability to finish the first draft of my book. God has been good, even though I took on too much.  While my plan of doing everything ultimately failed, He didn't fail to do His part and direct my steps.

So thankful for Him!

Have you ever been over eager and taken on too much? I'd love to know that I'm not the only one!

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  1. Well yes, but more importantly whenever I am rushing ahead of God, He gently pulls me back in line. The latest was in a dream. I love our God. So forgiving. So gently correcting.
    PS: congrats on all your opportunity!

    1. Amen! God is so forgiving, loving and gentle.


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