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Friday, April 6, 2012

Facebook Timeline

Well, Authors, Facebook has changed yet again, and many of us are stuck not knowing what to do with the changes. Self Publishing Coach, Shelley Hitz walked her customers through the changes in a live webinar the day before the changes went through, and she is now offering that same training to us.

Her course "Get Your Facebook Page Done!" has been updated to include her most recent webinar on Timeline for Pages, along with the printable PDF report. Besides giving authors the knowledge we need to optimize our pages under the timeline format, she also provides tools that we can use to help come up with cover photos, app badges, and even to build an Amazon store right on our Facebook page to sell our books!

If you're an author that has yet to optimize the new features of the Facebook Timeline layout, you can't afford to pass on this offer. Head over to Shelley's site now and check it out now and Get Your Facebook Page Done!

You can check out the changes I made on my Facebook page at:
(Please note that my cover photo is still being designed and the current one will be replace as soon as it's done)

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