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Friday, March 16, 2012

High Hopes

So many things are changing around here. Well, I guess things are always constantly changing, but I mean big things! It's kind of funny actually. A couple of weeks ago during a Bible study that I am doing with a friend, one of the things it talked about was setting goals. But you see, I'm not a goal setting person. Small goals, yes. Long term goals... not so much. I know that my goal is to finish my second devotional book by the end of this month, but 5 years from now? Who knows!

All that being said, I have a new goal - and it's a big one! It's one of those dreamy goals that people never actually put down because they never really see it as attainable. Are you ready for this? My goal is that within 5 years, my husband and I will be working together from home, doing what we love. Okay, that's the safe version, that I feel better typing out. The tough version is this: By the end of this year (God Willing), I will have established our business and be thriving!

Looking back over the past 12 months, God has done amazing things to lead me to this goal. In fact, if you would have asked me in February of last year if I thought I would ever make any real money working from home, I would have told you no. I did lots of volunteer work at that time, but had never received a pay check. It's crazy how quickly things change. Could I be back to nothing next year at this time? Maybe. But I have faith that this is God's will for my life, mainly because I never asked for it. My main prayer is that wherever God takes me on this journey, that I do it all for His glory... which reminds me. I reviewed a book about that on my other blog today. You should hop on over and check it out:

Before I head off in pursuit of my dreams, I have to do some planning: What will it take to reach my goals? What will have to be sacrificed vs. what will have to take priority over them? I have to have a game plan! More on that coming soon ;) For now, I'd love to hear about your goals or dreams that you have yet to turn into goals.

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