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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Life Happens

As a work at home mom, sometimes life happens. Take today for instance. There I was, thinking I was super mom. I had baked the girls cinnamon carrots for breakfast, given them a bath, washed the dishes and was dutifully working away in my office, when I realized that I hadn't put the gate up. The girls were downstairs playing unattended. This is never a good sign. I went down to scope out the situation and found colored sprinkles all over the living room floor. The girls emerged from the kitchen asking for a snack. I casually noticed that they were rainbow colored, but went on to put them in timeout while I cleaned up the sprinkles. I don't know what caused me to go to my bedroom where I found the biggest mess of all, but I did. Food coloring. All over the floor... and the dog. Thankfully we have a carpet cleaner and I was able to get most of the pink, green, and purple colors out of the carpet... the dog on the other hand... I felt horrible. No super mom award after all. It was like my whole day crumbled within a minute.

Life happens.

There is no way around it. While it was tempting to lay down and cry, wondering how upset my husband would be that our white dog was no longer white, I had to move forward. I us all peanut butter sandwiches, and gave myself a pep-talk. Only, I was still a little edgy and shoved my ooey gooey sandwich into my mouth too fast- Death by peanut butter sandwich? Is that possible? I'm going to go with a yes on that one. The peanut butter filled my throat and I couldn't swallow or breath. I rushed down the stairs to get a glass of milk, gasping to get some air. My throat burned, trying to swallow the cool milk was agonizing, but it worked. My life was saved by a glass of milk. I thoughtfully got two more cups of milk for the girls. I definitely wouldn't win mom of the year if I killed them with peanut butter sandwiches!

Life happens.

We are now all upstairs, and the gate is in place. I have no foolish dreams of winning any awards, but at least the children (and the dog) are safe, and I might still be able to reach my upcoming deadlines. I guess what it boils down to is that when you are a stay at home, work at home mom, life happens. That's all there is to it. Not every day will be perfect. No matter how awesome we think we are, we still make mistakes. And that's okay.

Keep Calm and Write On

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