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Monday, January 16, 2012

Word of the Week: Proceed vs. Precede

For this week's word of the week, I thought I would focus on two very similar yet entirely different words. Proceed and precede.

Do you ever proceed to get the words proceed and precede confused?

Proceed is when you proceed with a plan. You can proceed to write a book or proceed to climb a tree.Proceed would mean the same thing as 'go ahead' or 'move forward'.

Synonyms would include: 
Carry on, go on, continue, come, move, start, stem, grow, have at, progress, push on...

If you proceed with caution you likewise move forward with caution, start with caution, progress with caution...

Precede is when something comes before something else. The band preceded the horses in the parade. A mans words precede his actions.

Synonyms would include:
Anticipate, usher in, lead, go before, set the pace, pioneer...

To precede something is to go before it, to lead the way, or to blaze the trail.

If you use proceed or precede in your writing, I suggest you proceed with caution to ensure that you use them correctly...

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