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Friday, January 20, 2012

Busting Blocks

Writer's block is something that every writer has faced or will face at one time or another. From something as simple as not knowing what to put as your Facebook status, to more complex issues like what comes next in your novel, writer's block can be busted. I read an amazing book a few weeks back called: "The Freelance Success Book" written by David Taylor. Mr. Taylor suggested that writer's block is usually caused by one of four things, and therefore, can be cured once you figure out the cause. I would like to share those causes and solutions with you now in my own words, and adding a few of the things I have learned during my writing career as well. 

4 Types of Writer's block:

The author is...

Not ready to write- authors simply have no idea's or don't know the form of their writing (where the idea is going/ structure of the piece)

Afraid to Write- caused by humiliation from others, comparing themselves to famous writers, or fear of failure.

Head Writing- instead of writing down ideas, authors simply think stories, or thoughts through, not putting anything down until it is first perfected in the brain.

Starting in the Wrong Place- perfecting the first paragraph (which is the most important) before moving on.

Writer's block busters:

Speed Writing - start writing and don't stop for X amount of time even if you can't think of anything to write write that you can't think of anything to write.

Copy and Rewrite- take a paragraph or section of writing from one of your favorite authors and re-write it in your own words.

Take Notes - go through research, inspirational piece or something related to what you are writing and simply write down the thoughts that come naturally as you read.

Write a Letter - Write to one of your friends or a family member about the piece you are writing. Explain it to them. You don't have to send it, just writing normally about your idea can help you move past your writer's block

Write Dialog- Similar to writing a letter, write down a pretend conversation between you and the person you are writing for about the piece. How would you describe it and what would they ask or give you feed back on?

Invisible Writing - write without looking at what your writing. You can tape a piece of paper over your computer screen, or just adjust the dimmer. This forces you to keep writing without fixing your mistakes.

Write about Writing- describe how you feel about writing, writer's block, or people who have critisized or encouraged your writing.

What are your thoughts on writing, writer's block, and solving the dilemma?

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