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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tell me about it...

Day 203

“The future of business is social.”  
~ Barry Libert

Marketing has changed so much since the invention of the internet. I was actually watching T.V. the other night and came to the startling realization that, on the channel I was watching, there were more advertisements for websites than there were for actual products or services.

I would hazard a guess that 90% of the time, I find new websites, products, etc. because someone told me about them. Whether a friend or colleague shared about them on Facebook, or I read about them on a blog, I don't generally pay attention to advertisements (but there are a few that are really good and make an impact).

Our goal as marketers should be to get the word out about our book in a way that enables them to share it with their friends. That can be through a good advertisement, social media post, or whatever - just make it worth talking about.

Marketing prompt:

Host a contest for your readers. They can enter by sharing something about your book. It could be who their favorite character is and why, how they applied the material in your book in their own life, or even something as simple as themselves with a copy of your book or sharing their favorite quote. You can have them post it on their blog or Facebook page and enter the contest by sharing a link to the post with you – don’t forget to market the contest and announce the winners when it’s over.

Days to go: 162

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