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Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Foundation Of Your Platform

Day 131

Creating an author platform is vital for a new author’s success, and creating a brand is the basis for the platform. You need to know what you are creating before you start!”
~ Joanna Penn

It might be a little late to use this quote from Joanna Penn, but I still wanted to share it with you. Author platforms and brands are important for authors no matter how new or experienced you are. While your brand should be consistent, you can also continually improve upon it so that it doesn't become out of date or stale. Also, the more you learn about marketing, the more you’ll learn about creating an effective brand.
Your brand is the foundation of your author platform, and your author platform should constantly be growing. The more surface area you cover, the more exposure you will get. Just make sure that you don’t spread yourself to thin. You want a strong brand and a strong presence.

Marketing prompt:

Make sure that your brand is consistent and up to date across the web. Are you using the same author photo everywhere? Is your author bio the same? Has anything changed that you forgot to update on your LinkedIn profile or on GoodReads?

Days to go: 234

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