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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Big Picture

“Real marketing begins at the moment you conceive the central idea for the intended book and includes a clear sense of who the book is for, how it serves its audience, and how it fits with the competition.”
~David Cole

Everything about your book is book marketing. Every aspect from the idea of your book, to the design, to the editing and formatting all play a part in the marketing of it. The first time you get a 2 star review for a typo, you’ll realize how important editing is.

Marketing is also in your book description – its value. It’s in the why of your book – why should customers read it? Marketing isn’t simply telling other people about your book, it’s in every single aspect of your book, from the first thought to publication, from the press release to the twitter post.

Marketing prompt:

Are there aspects of your book that you never thought about in terms of marketing? Evaluate your overall book package from a marketing standpoint.

Days to go: 323

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