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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

My newest book, "A Year of Book Marketing - Part 1" was released early this morning, and I'm celebrating in a whole bunch of ways.

#1. I'm hosting this year-long series on my blog.
#2. Anyone who purchases my book within the first 48 hours of 2013 gets a FREE 3 month subscription to "Book Marketing Success." The book marketing membership that I manage with Shelley Hitz, AND they will be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card.
#3. Anyone can enter to win one of three books on book marketing.
#4. I'm currently on a blog tour.

I think that pretty much sums it up, but you can learn more about all that's going on by visiting: (or just by clicking the "Book Marketing" tab at the top of this page).

Now that you've got the 411, let's dive in! Welcome to day #1 of "A Year of Book Marketing":
“Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers.”
~ Joanne Kraft

Most authors aren't marketers by nature. However, marketing isn't as hard as it may seem at first. With a little push in the right direction, and some encouragement along the way, anyone can learn to successfully market their book.

One thing that I have found that helps me successfully market my books is accountability. Whether it's being accountable to a co-author or group of authors, or even just defining clear goals for myself, having something to keep me on track is a must for book marketing success. Thus, my newest book, "A Year of Book Marketing" offers a way for authors to hold themselves accountable. 365 days worth of book marketing quotes, tidbits of marketing tips or encouragement, and marketing prompts. But I wanted to offer that same accountability to my loyal blog followers. Every day this year you will find a marketing quote, tidbit, prompt and testimony from my own journey here on my blog. If you struggle with book marketing, I hope that you'll join me on this journey of marketing our books everyday for a year. When we'll through, marketing should be second nature. 

Marketing Prompt:

If you haven’t already, get set up for marketing your book everyday for a year. Get some sort of calendar to mark your progress and plan out marketing campaigns.

Days to go: 364

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