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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day #6

“Life is about success, not perfection...and so is marketing.”
~Rob Eagar

Book marketing isn’t something that anyone gets right the first time around. The first time I bought paid advertising for a book, I paid for credits that never got used. My ad was a flop – but it was also a learning experience. So it is with all marketing efforts. Some will be huge hits, others will seem more like wasted effort, but as long as you learn from each experience, you can count it as a success.

Marketing prompt:

Yesterday we started working on a marketing tactic that we hadn’t started yet, or that we knew we needed to work on. It may or may not have gone well for you. Either way, continue working on it today. Write down a list of things that you are learning along the way.

Days to go: 359

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