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Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Marketing Prompts

I've been working on brainstorming book marketing prompts - both for my new releases as well as to share with our newly launched book marketing community, "Book Marketing Success" And I wanted to share a few of them here on my blog. So here are some thoughts for the next few months:


  • Do you write fiction? Why not dress up as a character from your book and go to a harvest party, etc.? It would be a great conversation starter! (Maybe even take a long some bookmarks to leave with people)
  •  Do you pass out candy on beggar’s night? If you write in an appropriate niche, you could include a Smashwords coupon for your book, or even a bookmark in your goodie bags.

Not into Halloween? Check out this list of other holidays in October and come up with your own ideas: Or, you can look at the following list of October marketing ideas – they aren’t directed at book marketing, but they might give you some ideas:


Only in America is it possible to spend one day giving thanks for all we have, and the next day fighting with others to get more. For book marketers, that means you can promote your book with the idea of either giving thanks (maybe with a free giveaway?) or towards gaining more sales on Black Friday– or both.

  • If you’re enrolled in KDP Select, why not make your book free for Thanksgiving to give thanks for your fans, but also to raise your sales ranking for Black Friday?
  • If your book is on Smashwords, why not create a coupon to thank your loyal fans and following?
  • Do you write fiction? Write a blog or short story about how your characters spend Thanksgiving.

Or, you can check out this list of other holidays in November and then come up with your own ideas:


The Christmas season usually brings in the highest book sales of the year so plan some marketing accordingly. This is the time of year when the most Kindles are sold, so people need books to stock them with, and many people give paperback gifts as well. This year, Cyber Monday is in December, so you can take that into consideration as well.

  • Are you launching a new book? Why not coordinate your launch to co-inside with Cyber Monday?
  • Consider lowering the price of your book for Cyber Monday.
  • Is Christmas or New Years mentioned in your book? Write a blog post about how your characters celebrate.
  • Sending out Christmas cards? Include a Smashwords coupon so they can download your book or a personalized bookmark.
  • Give someone an autographed copy of your book as a gift.
  • Go on a blog tour. Many bloggers are extra busy during this time of the year and more open to hosting others on their blogs so that they have less writing to do.
  • Write up all of your accomplishments from the year - published books, contests won, etc. and share them in your newsletter or on your blog along with your plans for the coming year.

Do you have any marketing prompts that you could share?

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