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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Review of: Got Print

I finally did it. I ordered my business cards that I have been wanting for a long time. My husband designed them for me last fall, we just never got around to doing anything with them. After doing some research online, I found Got Print. Got Print had some amazing reviews and it looked pretty promising. It was fairly cheap (okay, extremely cheap compared to the local Kinko's).

For 250 business cards, we paid right around $30, but almost half of that was shipping.

The time it took to receive the cards was exactly what they said it would be, which I wish I would have paid more attention to when ordering, as it was much longer than I had thought it would be.

However, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the final product. You see, Got Print offered a free online proof, or we could pay to have a physical proof mailed to our house. I went with the free online proof, which wasn't really a proof at all. I never saw what the final product would look like, so I was honestly still waiting for a proof to be sent to me via e-mail or something.

How it works:
Got Print has you upload your card to their site, and make sure that everything is right. They require a bleed, and expect you to center your card in one box and make sure that everything that you want on it is inside of that box. The next box out is the cut area. They cut between the first and second box... somewhere. So anything in that box may or may not end up on your card. Then the third and final box is for the bleed - just in case they cut all the way at the edge of the second box.

So what that means:
My card is off center. They cut as close as possible to the first box on the top and on the right side, but all the way to the edge of the second box on the bottom and left side. Leaving my design high and off center. That being said, there's nothing I can do about it as they did exactly what they said they would do.

In conclusion, I won't be reordering from them. If I ever need more cards (I say ever because 250 is a lot), then I will find a different company. If anyone is considering them, I highly recommend paying the extra money for the physical proof.


  1. I really appreciate your post. I'm deciding to go with GotPrint and your article explains my fear with their system. Well written and explained. Many thanks!

  2. Your review -- and the pitfall you fell into -- just convinced me to go with a more reputable, less cutrate printer for my first business cards. THANK YOU FOR SHARING.


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